Nike, Telegram, Facebook, and Everyone Else Suddenly Love Blockchain

April 26, 2019 at 12:45PM

Nike is launching a blockchain product. Telegram is launching a blockchain. Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its own token platform; building with Ethereum for the S10 wasn’t enough. Facebook is getting into blockchain. Google still hasn’t done much with it, but JP Morgan now uses it. The list of major corporate names edging in on the crypto space is staggeringly long. Should we be excited or turned off?

Now, these big players are coming around and, instead of getting in line with the mentality and at times grandiose vision of the crypto movement, they’re bringing all their old-world detritus with them. Regular corporations developing blockchain applications will spend billions of dollars. With Ethereum, for example, it’s possible to launch a token platform without starting a whole new blockchain. Wouldn’t we prefer if companies like Telegram and Samsung just did that?

Blockchain buzz is beginning to pick back up. Everyone and their mother are getting into crypto. For those who’ve been here long enough, this means a slew of scams are about to happen, combined with an influx of literally hundreds of projects aimed at fixing everything, overpromises, and all the rest. According to Circle Research, security tokens will be the new buzz. The SEC has its work cut out for it, but the unregulated market will be just as large if not larger. Let’s hope at least a few decent projects come out of the woodwork before the inevitable bust.

Nike, Telegram, Facebook, and Everyone Else Suddenly Love Blockchain, CCN, Apr 26

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