FC: EU MORNING BULLETS : 14TH-MARCH-2018 March 14, 2018 at 07:15AM


* Chinese economy maintained a good momentum in the first two months of 2018, but the country needs more effort to consolidate the good performance, Mao Shengyong, spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, said.

* US Pres Trump said he wanted to soon hit China with steep tariffs and investment restrictions in response to allegations of intellectual property theft, with talks of $60b tariffs.

* BoJ Kuroda on Wednesday voiced confidence the central bank could engineer a smooth exit from its ultra-loose monetary policy.

* RBA is making gradual progress towards its growth and inflation goals and therefore a rate hike is unlikely anytime soon, Assistant Gov Kent said.NAB cut its 2018 end forecast for Australia’s jobless rate to 5.0% from 5.1%/5.2% on the back of its monthly business survey

* UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit war committee finally agreed the terms of Britain’s historic transition phase out of the EU – ahead of a crunch meeting of EU27 ambassadors in Brussels on Thursday with the UK agreeing to keep borders open until 2021.

* Revised EU draft treaty added section on „mutual respect and good faith“ and 20-day notice period before suspending single market access during transition

* UK PM May meets Scottish First Sturgeon and her Welsh counterpart Jones later today.

* Italy will likely push for a European-wide plan to address any U.S. import duties imposed on the European Union.

* German final CPI ws 0.5% mm +1.4%yy as expected.

* Spanish reatil sales at 8am, Italian retail sales at 9am and EU employement at 10am.

* ECB Drahghi talks at 8am, ECB Prate at 8.45am, ECB Angeloni also talks at 8.45am and ECB Constancio at 10.45am.

* US Mortgage applications at 11am, Retail sales at 12.30pm along with PPI with US Bus inventories at 2pm.


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