ADS GY +6-7%

BPOST BB -5-7%

ITX SQ -1%

Miners +1-2%

MRW LN +2%

PRU LN +5-10%

RBI AV in line

RHM GY +2%

SRG IM +2%

SY1 GY -2%

*INDITEX-FY Ebit 4.31b(4.28),Sales 25.3b(25.4),NI 3.37b(3.34)…….+1%

*CS-Goal to distribute 50% pft,Restructuring going to plan-FUW……-0.25%

*TODS-FY Ebitda 160.5m(160.55),NI 71m(75.76),Ebit 111.8m(111.8)…..+1%

*BPOST-Q4 Rev 955.1m(843),Net 67.1m(76.9),FY Ebitda 560-600(647)….-5%

*ADIDAS-Net Sales 21.2b(21.3),OP 2.1b(2),plus a 3bln buyback……..+5%

*BRENNTAG-FY Sales 11.74b(11.63),Op Ebitda 836m(834.4),Div 1.10…..-2%

*TECAN-FY Sales 548.4m(553.2),Ebitda 105.3m(103.2),Div 2(2.03)……-1%

*INTERPARFUMES-FY Net 40m(36.7),OP 60m(54.35),OP Margin 13-13.5%….+1%

*ABERTIS-Agrees to sell 57% of satellite unit for at least 656m…..+0.5%

*SYMRISE-FY Sales 3b(3.02),Ebitda 630.3m(634.5),Div 88c(93)………-3%

*SNAM-FY Rev 2.53b,Ebitda 2.01b(2.01),Div €0.2155,Short Int 4%……+2%

*RAIFFEISEN-Confirms prelims,distribute 20-50% of NI,MSD l/grth…..+0.5%

*RHEIMETALL-Wins Aussie contract worth €2b, well flagged…………+3%

*ELECTROLUX-Antidumping update,cost $70m if rate is not reduced…..-1%

Adidas +3-5% Margin guidance strong and €3bn buyback announced

BAE M/P Rheinmetall wins $5bn Australian defence contract over BAE

Balfour B. -1-2% Headline numbers small light, commentary fine

Bpost -3-5% Revs and EBITDAS better, guidance looks small light

Brenntag -3-5% Q4 EBITDA around 2.5% light, Q4 PBT is 11% light

Electrolux -0.5% US confirms tariffs on washing machine imports from Mexico

Forterra unch Ebitda Small beat, commentary fine, brick volumes better

Hikma +5% Underlying ok, guidance implies generics remains poor

Inditex +1-2% FY EBIT €4.31b (v est 4.28). Net Income 3.37b (v est 3.34)

Legal & Gen -1-2% L&G did not win Pru’s £12bn annuity book

Morrisons +2% Headlines read fine, SI remains extremely high

Prudential +4% Prudential to spin off M&G and form two listed cos

Rheinmetall +3% Rheinmetall wins $5bn Australian defence contract over BAE

Siegfried -2% FY17 slightly disappointing, guidance in line with cons

Snam +1% EBITDA inline, raised investment and net income targets

Symrise -5% Numbers a miss and guidance implies a miss in FY18

Tecan -1% FY17 mixed, guidance slightly conservative

Verbund +2-3% FY adj net ahead, guidance and dividend better

YU GROUP – Shore Cap successful completion of placing to raise £12m at £10……

MORRISONS – 4p special divi,profits slightly ahead of our expectations…….+3%

BAE – Rhienmetall beats BAE to win A$5bn Aussie defense contract………….-1%

HIKMA – FY core grp rev-1%,op.profit -8%,cash +51%,sees increased competition-1%

PRUDENTIAL – FY op.profit +6% £4.7bn,acheived all objectives,M&G to demerge..+2%

IHG – acquires 51% stake in Regent Hotels.joins bidding race for De Vere….UNCH

BURFORD – profit +130%,EPS +126%,20% increase to divi,’18 inv. of $128.5m….+5%

SPORTECH – terminates sale talks,trading fairly challenging,EBITDA below….-25%

EMIS – £11.2m provision made to cover failings to NHS obligations…………-3%

KENMARE RES – production & vol in line,swing back to profit,sees gd demand…+2%

VERSARIEN – collaboration with Team Sky, graphene equipment………………+3%

GEM DIAMONDS – just another 169 carat diamond recovered, 7th this year…….+1%

DIGNITY – Rev £324m a miss to estimates,model changing focus on mkt share…UNCH

SAFECHARGE – Rev +17% & strong cash conversion of 83% vs 77%……………..+2%

BALFOUR BEATTY – Fy ptp 165m(Est168.3m).Order book 11.4b.Margins on track….-1%

MARSHALLS – Fy ebitda 67.9m(est67.6m).divi 6.8p.Supplementary 4p divi……..+2%


* ADV. MED. SOLS.-FY Solid. 4.5% EPS beat. FY18/19 EPS ugrades 7% & 5%…….+2%

* BAE SYS-Rheinmetall beats BAE to $4b Australian contract(FT)……………-1%

* BALFOUR BEATTY-FY 2%PBT miss.To achieve industry standard margins in H2…unch

* DIGNITY-FY Broadly in-line.Current trading better,funeral margins lower….+2%

* EMIS-FY Op Prof -55% YOY, revenue flat,£11.2m provision for legacy issues..-2%

* FORTERRA-FY In-line, FY18 started well. expect’s for ’18 unchanged……..unch

* GEM DIA.-FY.#’s in line. Recovers 169 Carat diamond……………………+2%

* HIKMA-FY.Rev & Adj Profit ahead.Impairment and o/look mixed…………..+2-3%

* MARSHALLS-FY.#’s I/L.Order intake & sale have been strong in 1st 2 months..+1%

* MARSHALL MOTORS-FY.PBT ahead(U/G #’s Jan)Weak New sales offset by used mkt.+2%

* MORRISON-FY.Rev £17.3b(est £17.04b.4p Spec Div(10.09p for FY)…………..+2%

* PRUDENTIAL-FY.#’s in line. Demerging M&G to form 2 listed Co’s………….+3%

* SPORTECH-WARNING,end of sale process.,write offs &misstatements.New CEO…-30%


* ABERTIS-Atlantia, ACS said to reach firm deal on Abertis aqn……………U/C

* ADIDAS-Q4 sales recover after weak Q3, 2018 guidance ahead, €3bn buyback…+5%

* AUTOLIV-Cevian boosts stake to 7.5% from 6.87%……………………..+0.5%

* BPOST-Q4 in line but 2018 ebitda guidance is 10% below cons…………….-5%

* BRENNTAG-FY in line, weak into numbers but still called lower pre mkt……-2%

* ELUX-to challenge 72% US tariff on washing machines imported from Mexico…-1%

* INDITEX-FY no’s in line, Jan margin weaker but sales since 1st Feb +9%…..+1%

* LEONARDO-results due after close

* RAIFFEISEN-Confirms prelim results,to distribute 20%-50% of net in future..-1%

* RHEINMETALL-wins €2bn Australian armoured vehicle contract……………..+3%

* SNAM-FY rev and ebitda in line, proposes new €500m buyback……………..U/C

* SYMRISE-FY rev and ebitda in line, div touch light, reaffirms guidance…..-1%

* TOD’S-FY no’s look in line, div towards low end, no outlook statement……-1%

* VEOLIA-launches investigation after misconduct claims………………..-0.5%

* VERBUND-FY rev, ebitda, div all beat. Guidance looks ahead of consensus….+2%

Numis: * ADVANCED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS -1%: lower than anticipated cash conversion for 2017

* BALFOUR BEATTY Mkt: FY numbers broadly in line, ‘industry standard’ margins should be attained in H2 2018.

* BURFORD CAPITAL +2% Beats across the board

* CHARLES TAYLOR mkt solid set of results, in line with expectations

* DIGNITY +2%; In line with expectations, ‘simple funerals’ running at a rate of 15% versus the 20% expected, which may be taken positively

* EMIS -1% Finals in line with expectations from January update; However, NHS provision slightly more than expected (now £11m), we cut FY18 EPS by 2%

* FORTERRA -2%: FY numbers in line, key positive Forterra should move into a cash positive position by 2019.

* GENEL ENERGY: mkt, Mehmet Ogutcu to retire from the board as NED.

* HIKMA -2%: reported numbers ahead of expectations, but results effected by ~$1Bn impairment

* INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS: mkt, Acquires 51% stake in Luxury hotel brand Regent for $39m cash

* MARSHALLS Mkt: FY results in line, supplementary dividend 4p announced too.

* MORRISON +2%; Numbers in line with a special divi of 4p announced

* SAFECHARGE: +1%, 2017 FY result in line with cons. Strong start made to 2018.

*Inditex -FY ebit 4.31bn vs 4.28bn, fy net inc 3.37bn vs est 3.34bn. u/c
*Brenntag -FY sales 11.74bn vs est 11.63bn, div 1.10 vs est 1.11. -2%
*Clas Ohlson-Q3 sales 2.75bn vs est 2.75bn, op pft 349m vs est 381.3m. u/c
*Lenzing -FY net inc 281.7m, ebit 371m, rev 2.26bn. -1%
*Interparfum-FY Sales 430m, op inc 60m, op margin 14.2%. u/c
*SocGen -Lead bidder for CBK’s Equity Markets & Commodities. H-blatt. u/c
*Rheinmetall-Australia selects co for A$5.2bn combat vehicle contract. +1%

*Snam -FY ebitda 2.01bn vs est 2.01bn, div 2.155, rev 2.53bn. -1%
*Adidas -FY net sales 21.2bn vs est 21.3bn, plans div 2.60 vs est 2.49. +3%
*Symrise -FY sales 3bn vs est 3.02bn, div 0.88 vs est 0.93. -2%
*SGL Carbon -FY sales 860.1m vs est 844.1m, sees ’18 sales +10%. +2%
*SIXT Leas -FY rev 744m, ptp 30m, sees ’21 rev over 1bn. u/c
*Raiffeisen -Confirms prelim results, sees mid single digit loan grwth. u/c
*Tod’s -FY net inc 71m, div 1.40, ebit 111.8m, ebitda 160.5m. -1%
*Deutz -FY rev 1.48bn vs est 1.45bn, sees significant sales grwth ’18. +1%
*Verbund -FY rev 2.91bn vs est 2.85bn, div 0.42 vs est 0.39. +2%

*Balf Beaty-FY rev £6.92b,adj ptp £165m est £168.3m,order book £11.4b -2%
*Dignity -FY £324m est £331m,div 15,74p, performance in line -5%
*Hikma -FY op.pr $386m est $360.8m,v $1.94b est $1.93b,all beat,SI 14% +5%
*Inter Cont-Buys 51% stake in Regent Hotels,fund with existing capex guid u/c
*Marshalls -FY rev £430.2m est £428.7m,div 6.8p,meets estimates +3%
*Morrison -FY rev £17.3b est £17.04b,divi +85% to 10.9p,spec div 4p +3%
*Prudential-FY IFRS op.profit £4.7b est £4.64b,to spin off M&G £12b +3%

ADS +4.9% Blowout results,outlook leaves 3% upside for cons,8.5% share buyback

BNR -3.5% Weak Q4 results on disappointing North America biz

DEZ +2.3% FY Sales 2% ahead, EBIT 3% short of consensus, dividend 5 cent better

ELG -1.5% Final results inline with cons and prelims, dividend 3 cent below

LNSX +6.5% Weak 2018 outlook as expected; ambitious 2021 targets

MOR -1.1% New clinical data on Gantenerumab support new Phase III trials

RHM +3.8% Wins a A$5.2bn contract from Australia for combat vehicles

RKET +0.5% DBK starts with BUY pt €31

SGL +0.5% 20% beat in EBIT, but we dislike the FCF development

SOW +1.2% Cancels treasury shares representing 3% of outstanding capital

SPR -2.5% Berenberg cut to SELL (hold) pt €55

SY1 -3.8% Q4-EBITDA 6% lower than exp, margin outlook suggests 6% cons downside

WDI -0.9% Wins Mizuho Bank’s as corporate customes in the Asia

*ADIDAS: +4% Q4’17 sales in line, guid touch light but margin better, big buyback.

*BPOST: -7% FY’17 results overall miss, EBITDA light.

*BURFORD: +2% FY’17 numbers solid, strong growth.

*DIGNITY: -5% FY’17 numbers in line, board expects substantially lower ’18 profits.

*ELECTROLUX: -1% reiterates running a risk charge of $70M, appeal DOC decision.

*GEM DIAMONDS: +2% positive commentary, recovery of 169 carat diamond.

*HIKMA: +3% FY’17 revenue in line, profit ahead, weak into numbers.

*IHG: 0% to buy 51% stake in REGENT HOTELS for $39M.

*INDITEX: +1% FY’17 results mixed, healthy LFL, gross margin pressure continues.

*MORRISON: +2% FY’17 revenue ahead, LFL in line, special dividend encouraging.

*POLYMETAL: +1% to sell 50% in DOLINNOYE, small disposal.

*PRU: +2% FY’18 numbers solid, to spin off M&G.

*SNAM: +1% FY’17 numbers in line, proposes new buyback plan.

*TODS: 0% FY’17 in line, good working capital control, ’18 outlook cautious.

*VEOLIA: -1% opens investigation following press reports of misconduct.

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